Lump Breaker

Lump Breaker

Lump breaker is an efficient alternative to manual breaking of partially dried lumps of soft chemicals like dyes. Pigments, colours etc

The drying of wet cake in tray dryer is a slow and costly process, lumps of wet cake are put in trays and kept in the dryer for drying The drying process becomes slow as tt proceeds Eventually a time comes when dried outer crust prevents the drying of core at this time, the trays are manually broken and trays are again kept in the dryer. This manual breaking can be avoided by using VARAHI lump breaker

An empty tray is kept in the spillage collection tray kept below the machine a tray with partially dried lumps is emptied in the machine Broken lumps are collected in the bottom tray which is removed and keep in the tray just emptied is then kept below the machine and another full tray is emptied in the machine The operation is reheated till all trays with partially dried lumps are thus processed

  • Labour hours spent in breaking is reduced by about 80 %
  • Ideal time of tray dryer due to manual breaking is reduced by about 80%
  • Production tray dryer goes up by about 15 %
  • Heat losses is from dryer during ideal time are reduced
  • Tray to tray transfer of material minimizes material handling
  • (Damage done to trays due to manual breaking is avoided.
  • As the machine is fitted with rubbertyres, it can be moved easily from place to place
  • Fast to wash
  • Low power cost
  • Broken lumps of uniform and optimal size facilitate complete drying and subsequent grinding


  • Model :VLB25X60-A
  • Over all size :1320(L) mm x 980 mm (W)x 780mm (H): Power:2HP

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