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Jet Mill

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IPL,15 JETMILLPulse Jet Dust COllector (2)Photo0104

Pulse Jet Dust COllector (2)

JetMil Range and Specification
Model Output (Kg/Hr) Air Req. (CFM) Air Comp. (HP)
VMF-2 1 25 10
VMF-4 3 45 20
VMF-6 10 75 30
VMF-8 22 125 40
VMF-10 40 200 50
VMF-12 65 265 60
VMF-15 100 380 75
VMF-18 160 530 120
VMF-20 210 650 150
VMF-24 400 1050 250
VMF-30 720 1725 425

Operating pressure in between 7-8kg/cm2
Average feed size of materials is 200 mesh
Adequate quantity of air, Controlled feed and microfine setting play an important roll.
All the data given are nominal only. It may vary widely from case to case depending upon many factors.

Use of Jet Mill:
Varahi Jet mill is to micronise Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Pigments, Minerals, Agrochemicals, Minerals and termoplastics. It is also for heat sensitive, corrosive and abrasive materials.

About Jet Mill:
Micronizing as well as classification is to be done in Varahi JetMill by taking advantage of fluid energy. Mill is designed to inject high pressure Air or Steam in to cylindrical chamber through Specialy designed Nozzle. Nozzles are placed at equally spaced on peripheral wall to have each Jet is tangential at imaginary smaller circumference. Venturi system is control fed rate of material very precisely to get productivity. Jets are generate high velocity vortex during material feeding which create vacuum to suck product into high speed vortex. Suspended partical of the material are collide with each other and reduce themselves by attrition as well as collision whenever it comes in strong velocity gradients near the jet. Micronised particals are getout with jet fluid through center of chamber and get collected into the cyclone collector system. Heavier or oversize particals are stay in to chember until micrinized due to Centrigugal force.

Benefits of our Design:
Unique design to micronise wide range of dry solids material very economically and efficiently. Partical collide each other without any moving part, which results absolute productivity and negligible maintenance. Provided inter-changeable liners. Easy dismantle for cleaning and quick reassemble is possible for cleaning and material change. Compact design require lees floor space.

Benefits of our Jet mill:
For example, 2 micron size particle improve product quality to great extent as compared to 325-mesh particle in terms of efficiency, dispersions, behavior and intimate blends of different material. It is due to increase in number of particles and surface area. It also increase suspensibility, dispersion rate, surface area of particle and bulk density.

Models selection different project and order:
Design: General OR Pharma.
Construction: MS, SS, OR Polymer.
Wear reduction: Liners OR lined chamber with different material.
Different design: Grinding chamber and venturi feeding system.
Discharge: Top Or Bottom.
Material collection: Cyclone, dust collector, pulse jet dust collector or their combination.

After sales service support
VARAHI ENGINEERING AND FABRICATORS can provide full range of field service and engineering support. Staff of company is available to assist customer with instructions, installation, start-up, and maintenance.

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